Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training Review

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I’ve created this in-depth Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training review to help you decide if a permanent jewelry business is the perfect next step for you.

The permanent jewelry industry is booming, thanks to influencers in the fashion and beauty industry who use permanent jewelry to make a statement with their accessories. This type of jewelry gives the classic look of a beautiful bracelet, necklace, or anklet without the eyesore of a clasp.

The permanent jewelry industry offers a fun way to offer an in-demand service, meet new people, and generate a lot of money in a short amount of time. You, too, could begin your own success story by starting a permanent jewelry business in no time at all. This Flash and Fuse® permanent jewelry training review will show you how this course can help you reach your goals.

Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training Summary and Quick Facts

Flash and Fuse® offers three types of permanent jewelry training that teach students how to create a successful permanent jewelry business. The Flash and Fuse® curriculum offers a plethora of information, from the basics of welding to marketing your services, and more. This training program gives students the tools they need to quickly earn back the money they invested in the course.

Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training Pros

  • Gives more in-depth training than that offered by other courses
  • Provides lots of marketing material, SEO, photographs, copy/paste material that students can use to launch a business in less time
  • Offers more than one course option to fit students’ needs
  • Is recognized by the American Welding Society as an educational institution
  • Keeps a ready stock of start-up kits and welding machines, and ensures next-day delivery for new students on a first come first serve basis
  • Kit includes everything needed to perform your first 40 services
  • Training includes over 61 modules plus exclusive videos demonstrating how to do each service
  • Provides a list of vendors–only those that have proven to provide quality supplies and are a reliable source
  • Offers ongoing support in a close-knit community of successful permanent jewelry welders
  • Optional training to help students scale their businesses
  • Affordable payment plans available to choose from

Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training Cons

  • The startup price can seem high for those who cannot afford to invest in a new business (however, the availability of payment plans makes this investment significantly more affordable. Plus, by offering this lucrative service, the cost can be quickly recovered.)
  • In-person lessons are currently only available in the UK, Vermont, and Florida (but Arizona and California are coming soon, AND the online course can be accessed worldwide!)

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Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training Reviews


Former Flash and Fuse® students have raved about the instructor’s knowledge  and mentioned how much information is offered in this course regarding setting up a business as a whole. In addition, course creator Athena has demonstrated her eagerness to help students, plus genuine interest in seeing participants succeed.

The company’s permanent jewelry training program stands out on Google, with many authentic reviews from students. The comments on the Flash and Fuse® permanent jewelry training course review section of Google say that the course exceeded expectations, is fun, and provides many resources students can use to get started in the permanent jewelry business.

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What is Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training and How Does It Work?

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Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training can be completed either in person or online, offering a unique experience that differs from other permanent jewelry training courses that provide only online access. Decide which offering would be best for you as a student before enrolling in this course.

Review Course Options

The best part about Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training is the ability to pick an option that works in your favor. Instead of limiting students to just one training course, Flash and Fuse® covers all of the topics they need to learn and then some, to fully prepare them to begin offering permanent jewelry services to others.

  • In-person Course: This option, which is offered in the Flash and Fuse® studio located in St. Petersburg, Fla., is a great option for students who learn best with hands-on instruction. The in-person training is directed toward those who have never run their own business and have no experience with welding or permanent jewelry tools.
  • One-on-One Guided via Web Course: This choice is great for students who are tech-savvy and can operate in a virtual capacity. In addition, it is attractive to self-starters who are detail-oriented and enjoy learning via a screen. The One-on-One Guided via Web Course includes two four-hour live sessions with a teacher, plus continued support for any follow-up needs you may have after you begin to start your business.
  • Online Interactive Course: This option includes just the online course, without any guided support. This is great for those who need minimal support and are interested in receiving the marketing materials to boost their business’s visibility. Complete this option in its entirety on your own time and be your own accountability. By choosing this option, you can unlock access to wholesale pricing for purchasing your jewelry supplies like chains, jump rings, and charms.

Sign Up Now

Once you have chosen the course in which you want to enroll, select “sign up now” to be taken to the checkout page. Decide if you want to purchase the course, kit, and Orion welding machine, only the course, or the class and kit without the machine. The final price will vary based on which option you’ve selected.

Gain Access

You will gain access to the Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training as soon as your payment clears. Start by checking the email address you provided during purchase to begin diving into the materials. Watch the videos, review the provided information, and schedule your guided appointments (if applicable).

Regardless of whether you purchase a course that includes a welder, or buy one separately, it will soon be time to begin practicing with your machine. The more you practice, the more prepared you will be to use the machine on your paying clients. Ask family members and friends if you can practice on them; offer this service for free, or give them a discount in exchange for their time.

Start Working

Once you’ve completed the Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training course and practiced with your welding machine, you’ll be fully prepared to start making money as a jewelry welder. The work you put in to develop your skills and book clients will increase the money you make each month. You don’t need a storefront or studio, but it would be helpful to have a consistent place in which clients know they can find you.

Rent out a space in an established salon, offer services out of your home, or sign up to be a recurring vendor at events in your area. All of these options will help you gain exposure as an established permanent jewelry welder and increase your client base.

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Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training Q&As

Find out more about the Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training course by checking out the following commonly asked questions.

Who owns Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training?

This course was created by Athena, a passionate cosmetic and skincare professional who started performing permanent jewelry services to enhance her business and give customers additional options to help increase their confidence.

Does Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training offer financing options?

Flash and Fuse® training is available to purchase through Thinkific, an online course-hosting platform. Thinkific offers payment plans through Affirm partner Shop Pay. Students can apply for financing to help them pay off the course in a way that works best for them.

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Is Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training worth it?

If you are willing to do the work, practice, and be available to perform permanent jewelry services, then this option could be more than worthwhile for you. The course comes with many positive reviews, confirming that former students are satisfied with their investments.

Become a permanent jewelry welder to make an income that will change your life. Flash and Fuse® can help you get there.

How long does it take to complete Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training?

While owner Athena said that most students complete the course in about two weeks, it’s up to each individual to decide how much time they have to dedicate to the class. If your schedule is chock full, finishing the course may take you longer than two weeks. But there’s no time limit, so you can take as much time as you need.

Do you need experience with welding to become a permanent jewelry artist?

You don’t need any prior experience with welding to become a permanent jewelry welder. The course will show you how to use your machine, and you can practice on others before officially opening your business.

Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training Final Thoughts

This Flash and Fuse® permanent jewelry training review has determined that Flash and Fuse® is a great option to choose if you want to get started in the permanent jewelry industry. This lucrative business is fun and rewarding, and will allow you to help others feel their best while also making the money that you need.

If you are ready to take on a new venture to add to your bottom line each month, use the coupon code TPAHP50 for $50 off any of the Flash and Fuse® Permanent Jewelry Training course options. Join this booming industry to give yourself the opportunity to make more money and try something new.

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