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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Permanent Jewelry Company?

Permanent jewelry is a lucrative and popular business option for anyone seeking to start their own company and make some extra money. Many permanent jewelry artists have gone on to find success in this field, some making thousands of dollars per month. Before starting your own permanent jewelry business, you first need to understand the cost of breaking into this industry.

It’s exciting to begin a new business and discover all of the potential that comes with a new venture. Your business can help others, plus allowing you to fulfill your own passions and potential. Permanent jewelry is a fun, creative, and lucrative business to pursue, but it does come with startup costs and ongoing expenses.

Don’t let the price of this type of venture discourage you. Take a realistic approach and be honest with yourself about what you are hoping to achieve with your new business. Always plan ahead. Your success will depend on the way you run your business, including setting your rates to help you cover your expenses, both now and in the future.

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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Permanent Jewelry Company?

The cost of a permanent jewelry business can vary, depending on a few variables. You can expect to pay between $1,650 and $6,000 to start your own permanent jewelry business.

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Permanent Jewelry Business Cost

The following items are the most common permanent jewelry purchases. These are your startup costs, meaning they will be amongst your first investments before you start making money.


Training is the No. 1 permanent jewelry business cost. The investment in a quality program like LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training will show you how to operate your new venture, use permanent jewelry supplies, and scale your business.

You don’t want to jump into the permanent jewelry field without any prior knowledge or training. You aren’t required to have any experience in order to become a permanent jewelry artist, but it is important to have adequate training before you begin offering your services to customers. You will need to know how to handle your tools, such as the welder and the stylus, so that you don’t cause any injuries to your customers or yourself.

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A high quality pulse arc welder is a must when it comes to permanent jewelry business costs. The purpose of a permanent jewelry business is to create a flawless look with the jewelry chains without using a clasp, and this cannot be done without a welder. This machine is used to create that forever jewelry look. The cost of a welder will vary, depending on which machine you choose to purchase, but you can expect to pay between $500 and $2,800.

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Starter Kit

A starter kit comes with all of the essentials you will need to start offering forever jewelry services. These include a variety of supplies, depending on where you purchased your kit. I chose the Deluxe package with training and support through LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training.

All of the offerings on the market include the basics, like chains, pliers, wire, jump rings, eye protection, and more. These materials will be enough to start your business, but you will need to replenish some of the products – like the chains – on a regular basis.

Vendor Booth Necessities (optional)

Permanent Jewelry Pop Up

Many permanent jewelry artists find the majority of their customers through local events. If this is something you want to pursue in order to generate a consistent revenue, then you will need to invest in vendor booth necessities.

These expenses include items like a portable power station, 10×10 tent, folding table and chairs, jewelry displays, a banner with your business name, business cards, and any other decor of your choice. Keep it simple and focused on your core products which are your chains and charms.

Cost of Permanent Jewelry Business

The cost of a permanent jewelry business will vary from one artist to the next. You will need to pay for the following items on a consistent basis to keep your business running.


Chains will likely be your No. 1 expense as you continue to service your customers. Keep your chain supply stocked ahead of attending any event. Include a variety of chains from which your customers can choose, and keep different colors and patterns on hand.

You don’t need to stock dozens of chain options, but having a selection available will help you sell your services. Track which chains are the most popular amongst your customers, so that you can continuously stock your best sellers.


Charms are becoming increasingly popular in the forever jewelry industry, so keep them on hand as you continue to serve your clients. Don’t just bulk-order one style. Instead, pick a few cute options that your customers might like to add to their next statement pieces. This could include heart-shaped charms or ones embedded with pearls or other jewels.

Customers want their jewelry to be unique and special; allow them to select from different materials that they can use to customize their bracelets, necklaces, and anklets.

Credit Card Processing Fees

While some business owners may consider these fees a nuisance, others will understand that having the ability to accept credit and debit cards for your services could actually increase your revenue. Many potential customers will simply walk right by your business because they don’t carry cash.

To accommodate as many customers as possible, sign up with a card processor like Square. With the free account, you won’t pay any monthly fee. Instead, you’ll simply pay a small percentage of each customer’s payment at the time of sale.

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Booth Reservation Fees

If you choose to offer your forever jewelry services at fairs, festivals, or vendor events, you will need to pay for a booth reservation. Each event charges its own fee, based on the time of year, location, and the number of available spots.

Some events may only levy a $10 fee, while others could charge more than $100. Reach out to the organizer directly to find out more about the fees, the length of the event, and how big your space will be.

Remember that most vendor fees are non-refundable. Once you have secured your spot, make it a priority to show up to the event so that you don’t waste your money.

Business Insurance

Business insurance is an important permanent jewelry business cost. You can pay a low monthly fee or select a plan that you can pay in full. This will protect you and your business from potential dangers like damages or stolen property.

This cost also covers you as you are performing services on customers. It’s always a smart idea to pay for full protection and coverage as you look ahead to running a successful business.

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Business Cards (optional)

Some customers will want to share your services with their friends, while others may not be ready to purchase from you right away. The best way to bring them back at the right time is to hand out business cards that represent your brand. Your cards should include your name, business name, contact information, social media accounts, and service areas. You can design and purchase beautiful cards from a trustworthy site like VistaPrint.

Employees (optional)

You may or may not decide to hire employees. In the event that you decide you need the help, factor in the cost for your employees and what types of benefits you will offer them (if any). This is an optional cost, and you are not required to employ additional individuals for your permanent jewelry business.

Brick and Mortar Location (optional)

Many permanent jewelry artists make the most money by opening a storefront, allowing their customers to come to them on a more consistent basis, versus planning for vendor events. If this is a route you choose to take, you will need to consider the cost of setting up a brick-and-mortar location or rental space. Housing your storefront will be a recurring monthly expense. You can also choose to rent space within an already established business such as a hair or nail salon.

Travel Expenses

Include travel expenses in your permanent jewelry business costs. This can include gas, lodging, food, parking fees, and more. When you are traveling specifically for business, those expenses can be claimed on your tax return.

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Permanent Jewelry Business Cost Is Important to Consider

Opening a business doesn’t mean you will become an overnight sensation, making thousands of dollars every day. It will take some time to get there. You will need to spend some money upfront before you start earning an income from your permanent jewelry business.

Your potential customers are looking for someone who has adequate training and who knows how to weld jewelry the right way. Making an effort to learn the ropes and become comfortable with your welder will go a long way toward achieving success in this business. Make sure your pricing is competitive, your chain and charm selection is enticing, and your business acumen is up to speed.

Purchasing LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training‘s Deluxe startup kit includes the training, welder, and kit; this package includes literally everything you will need to make $4,500-plus without purchasing any extras. Reinvest your earnings to fully expand your permanent jewelry offerings. Acquiring quality products and services will only benefit your business.

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