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Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder Review

Permanent jewelry businesses are becoming increasingly popular, rising with the demand for this type of accessory. The industry is booming, and doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Many promising new artists and established businesses alike are starting to offer permanent jewelry services, making this a prolific venture throughout the country. Those who are in it for the long haul need to invest in quality tools for their businesses, such as the Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder discussed in this review.

This is just one of the many options to consider when it comes to choosing the right welder for your permanent jewelry business. It can quickly become overwhelming when comparing the available welder options, but don’t just look at the price as you prepare to choose your machine. Carefully consider the pros and cons of each, plus what features it includes.

This Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder review will give you all of the information you need to decide if this machine is the best option for you. If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, now is the time to unpack each part of this welder to see what makes it a top choice in the permanent jewelry industry.

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Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder Brand

The Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder was designed specifically for permanent jewelry. It is offered through Sunstone Engineering, a company well known for designing welding machines to fit almost every need. This organization has partnered with big-name companies including Lockheed Martin, NASA, Harley Davidson, and Tesla. Sunstone welders have made an impact in the world and are now making waves in the permanent jewelry space.

Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder Review Pros

  • Touchscreen controls
  • Two-year warranty
  • Designed specifically for permanent jewelry welding
  • More precise control of power levels than previous models
  • Only 8 pounds in weight, making it easy to transfer to and from events

Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder Review Cons

  • The price increases if you want an automatic darkening lens or the microscope on an articulation arm
  • Available in only one color (black)

Orion PJ Welder

Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder Reviews

The Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder is manufactured by Sunstone Welders, and sells through hundreds of dealers and retailers – including Permanent Jewelry Center, [linked-permanent-jewelry-training sub1=”orion-pj-welder-review”], and Amazon – plus offering the machines through its own website. Reviews left by Amazon customers who purchased Sunstone welders were considered to support this review.

Jewelry artists who own Sunstone welders reported that these machines are user-friendly and portable, making them easy to transport for business needs. In addition, customers also enjoy the company’s online training and support that assists new permanent jewelry artists in becoming familiar and comfortable with the machine. The Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder provides smooth finishes, making jewelry pieces look seamless on customers.

On the flip side, some reviewers stated the Orion welders aren’t the expected quality for the price. Others said that their orders arrived with missing parts. But overall, the market leans heavily in favor of the Orion PJ Welder.

What is The Orion PJ Welder & How Does It Work?

The Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder creates a smooth and flawless finish on permanent jewelry pieces. You will use a jump ring to connect the ends of a chain together onto your customer’s body, whether that be an anklet, bracelet, or necklace. 

When your client is satisfied with the chain placement, you will weld the jump ring into a closed position so that the jewelry stays in place. This is the most important step of the process, which is why it is important to ensure that you purchase the right welder for your business.

Choose Your Welder

Visit the Permanent Jewelry Center Shop to select the Orion PJ Welder. Consider the available model options before adding the machine to your cart. These include the basic auto-darkening lens, the upgraded auto-darkening lens, and the welder with the microscope on the articulation arm. The price will fluctuate, depending on the model option you choose.

Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder on a table

Apply Your Payment

Select “Add to Cart” when you are ready to check out. The next page will show the items in your cart and allow you to choose your payment method. You can choose from PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Meta Pay, or just enter your debit or credit card by selecting “Check out.” Using Shop Pay will allow you to make installments with a debit card versus paying for your welder in full.

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As soon as your welder and kit arrives, make sure all of the pieces are in the box, and ensure there is no damage to your machine. Once that’s done, you can get set up and begin practicing and getting comfortable with your welder. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you will feel when handling your welder with paying customers.

The Sunstone Engineering website features a user manual that provides detailed instructions about how to use your welder. It also provides training videos for its machines. You can also consider luxury permanent jewelry training by LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training, which includes much more than how to use the welder itself. It is designed to help you launch your business from the ground up.

Begin Offering Services

Once you’ve put in the practice and feel comfortable using your machine, it’s time to begin offering your permanent jewelry services. Take your welder to events to perform your services on eager customers. If you aren’t yet sure how to start applying jewelry onto your clients, then it’s time to find the best permanent jewelry training course to help you learn this new skill. Permanent jewelry is a fun and fast-paced industry to break into, so enroll in a top-notch program to help you build your business and get the most information possible about these services.

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Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder Alternatives

While the Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder is a very popular option, there are alternative welders you can consider for your business:

  • Deluxe Pulse Arc Welder: My first welder was included with LINKED’s Deluxe Kit for a value of about $500. It’s a more affordable alternative for those who are just starting out in the permanent jewelry industry.
  • Orion mPulse Welder: A pulse welder uses electrical energy to heat up and melt the metal on permanent jewelry chains. The process takes milliseconds, and leaves the metal cool to the touch. The pulse arc welder is portable, weighing only 8 pounds. It also offers touchscreen controls. The difference between the Orion mPulse and Orion PJ welders is that the PJ offers half-joule power increments and the mPulse offers full joule power increments.
  • Helix Welder: A new player in the permanent jewelry industry, the Helix permanent jewelry welder offers fantastic power control and weld quality for less than half the cost of the Orion PJ welder. It comes with a 1,000,000-weld or three year warranty, and amazing product support.

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Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder Common Questions

The following answers to commonly asked questions will help you learn more about the Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder. Get a well-rounded understanding of this machine so that you can make an educated decision about your welder purchase.

What is the difference between Orion PJ and Orion mPulse?

The Orion PJ and the Orion mPulse are both great options for any permanent jewelry business. They weigh the same, making them easy to transport to events. 

The Orion PJ offers magnification and can perform one weld per second, versus the Orion mPulse, which performs one weld every 2 seconds. This makes the Orion PJ the faster model. The Orion PJ has a welding energy range of 1-15 Joules, which can be selected in half increments, while the Orion mPulse has a welding energy range of 3-30 Joules.

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Can you do permanent jewelry without a welder?

The point of permanent jewelry is that the chains are welded onto the body to create a flawless look without a clasp. Welding helps create a lasting piece of jewelry for each customer. You need a welder in order to perform high-quality permanent jewelry services.

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Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder Review: Final Thoughts

The permanent jewelry business is an exciting industry to break into, but it will be challenging to turn a profit without investing in quality tools. That’s why choosing a high-performing welder is imperative for your business’s success.

Our review of the Orion PJ Permanent Jewelry Welder has determined that this machine is an ultra-popular choice in the permanent jewelry industry. This welder is portable, which makes it easier than ever to take your business with you. This welder is manufactured by Sunstone Welders, a company whose reputation precedes it.

The Orion PJ permanent jewelry welder is a top option for any permanent jewelry business, and many jewelry artists have been more than satisfied with its performance. Try the latest technology in permanent jewelry welders to enhance your business. The Orion PJ Welder could be one of the most important investments that you will ever make.

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