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The Best Permanent Jewelry Chains & Supplies You Need

You’ve taken a top-notch permanent jewelry training course and purchased a great welder for your startup venture. You’ve practiced your trade and begun offering your services to local customers, transporting your machine and your skills to pop-up events and shows throughout the area. Now that you are at a place in your business where you are looking to scale, it’s time to consider what type of permanent jewelry supplies you need to keep stocked.

If your permanent jewelry starter kit isn’t already getting low on supplies, it will be soon. Now you need to figure out where to go to refill your permanent jewelry chains and charms.

This is an exciting part of your new venture. It means you’re taking your business seriously – and that your services are in high demand. In order to keep yourself ready to participate in an event at any time, you need to be constantly prepared with the right tools, supplies, and chains.

Use the tips below to learn more about the permanent jewelry chains you should keep on hand, plus what you should be looking for when it comes to quality, trustworthy suppliers. You will also discover recommended suppliers who have provided permanent jewelry artists, like myself, with high-quality materials.

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Tips to Choose Quality Permanent Jewelry Supplies

It’s important to invest in quality permanent jewelry supplies, which will help you boost your success rate in the permanent jewelry industry.

1. Look for 14K Gold-Filled or Sterling Silver

Although many types of permanent jewelry materials are sold both online and in store, don’t buy just any chain. You will need to purchase materials that were specifically created for permanent jewelry. Look for 14K gold-filled chain, sterling silver, or stainless steel; these materials either don’t tarnish or can be cleaned, which is important, given the fact that your customers will be wearing them in water when they shower or swim.

2. Vet Your Suppliers

Many suppliers claim to sell permanent jewelry chains and supplies, but it’s important to research these companies before you invest your hard-earned money. Read online reviews and reach out to other permanent jewelry artists to find out which suppliers they recommend.

3. Seek Wholesalers

Using wholesalers will allow you to order a larger number of permanent jewelry chains at one time, leaving more room for profit. Wholesalers sell in bulk, saving you money on shipping rates, handling fees, and taxes. Some of these sellers even offer discounts that increase along with the size of the order.

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Permanent Jewelry Chains and Supplies

Keep the below supplies on hand at all times, in addition to your pulse-arc welder. Having a healthy inventory will make you constantly prepared for potential clients and ready to offer your services at local events.


hands holding sterling silver heart link permanent jewelry chain

The most obvious materials you’ll need for your permanent jewelry business are the chains. You can’t offer forever jewelry without them. Have a variety of different chains in stock so your customers can choose the styles that they want for their next statement pieces.

These chains come in a variety of thicknesses; you can also stock up on more unique offerings including heart-shaped links or other simple shapes. In addition, keep various colors on hand, such as silver, gold, and rose gold. Always make sure to stick to materials that can be cleaned. At the end of the day, a well-stocked inventory will give your customers a lot of choices, ultimately boosting your revenue.

Jump Rings

pliers holding silver jump ring

Jump rings are an important part of the permanent jewelry supplies list. These small rings connect the ends of the chain together, linking them to create a completed bracelet, anklet, or necklace.

You will weld at least one jump ring per jewelry piece, per customer. It’s important to have a large supply available so that you can continue serving your clients.

Stock up on jump rings that match the colors of the chains in your inventory. Your customers won’t want a silver jump ring on a bold gold bracelet, because it will stand out like a sore thumb, and defeat the purpose of creating a flawless, forever finish.


infinity permanent jewelry charm

Charms are fun details that your customers can add to their permanent jewelry pieces. Some clients may prefer no charms, while others might request multiple.

Available charms include those in the shape of a heart, or offerings featuring embedded pearls or other jewels. Keep track of the ones that are most popular with your clientele, and include them in your permanent jewelry supplies list. Try to have many different charm styles available, and always have an ample supply on hand so you never run out.


Wire is important to have in your permanent jewelry business, because it can be used in lieu of jump rings if you prefer to make your own. Jump rings can become costly, so using gold or silver wire instead can help you save some money.

You can purchase this wire in a variety of colors to match the chains your customers choose for their jewelry pieces. Loop the wire around a small round tool and then cut it into jump rings. This practice will cut down on the cost of running your permanent jewelry business.

Tungsten Electrodes

hands sharpening permanent jewelry tungsten electrodes

You will find tungsten electrodes invaluable in the process of welding permanent jewelry chains onto your customers. You probably won’t go through these supplies as quickly as the chains, but it’s still important to have a few on hand during your events.

Electrodes become dull after every four to seven welds. Unless you know there will be time to sharpen them between customers, you should always have extra with you so there’s no disruption to your services.

Where to Buy Permanent Jewelry Chains and Supplies

Anyone who hasn’t nailed down a permanent jewelry chain supplier should check out the following list of quality material sellers. Turn to one of these for your business supply needs.


LINKED Deluxe startup kit displayed on a table

LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training is an online company offering complete training and support. This well-respected platform has helped hundreds of students find their passion in the permanent jewelry industry and go on to find success in the business.

In addition to its training course and startup kits, LINKED also sells permanent jewelry chains. The best part about being a LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training graduate is that you will receive a lifetime discount of 30 percent off of all chains and supplies.

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Pepetools offers some of the best permanent jewelry tools, supplies, and chains on the market, although the options are limited. Each item I’ve ordered from this online store has arrived quickly and in perfect shape. Rather than loading its storefront with a ton of random items that cater to the growing permanent jewelry industry, Pepetools is selective with its offerings, meaning each piece is hand-chosen and quality tested before it is posted for sale.

Your Pepetools orders will always arrive exactly as described. This site features gold-filled and sterling silver chains at wholesale prices, tools like pliers, electrodes, and chain organizers, and argon gas and quality regulators. Returning customers often receive emailed discount codes, so pay attention to Pepetools’ order confirmation emails.


Permanent jewelry supplies including chains, charms, wire, and more are also sold on Etsy, an online platform that features vintage and handmade products. Many Etsy shops are well stocked with various permanent jewelry products.

Read reviews left for each shop before making a purchase. This will give you details about other customers’ experiences with those stores and let you know which shops you can trust.


Faire is a wholesale online store that caters to entrepreneurs. Its stated mission is to help small businesses compete with larger retailers like Amazon, equipping them with products they need at a fair price. Search Faire for permanent jewelry chains and supplies.

Keep Your Business Stocked with Permanent Jewelry Chains

The success of your permanent jewelry business depends on the work you put into it. This includes keeping stock of the permanent jewelry chains, charms, and supplies that you will need to properly service your customers. Regularly conduct an inventory of your items so you know what you need to reorder, and when.

Permanent jewelry chains are the center of your business. Keep a variety on hand for your customers. If you aren’t sure what chains to keep in your inventory, ask your current clients for their opinions, and note the chain styles and colors that they prefer. Your customers’ feedback can save you money by helping you invest in chains that you know will sell.

The permanent jewelry supplies list detailed above includes items that you will find to be crucial parts of your business. Don’t skimp on quality; shop around for the best prices and only invest in products that will help further your permanent jewelry business.

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