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How to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business (7 Quick Steps)

So, you’re interested in starting a permanent jewelry business. Thanks to social media, permanent jewelry is the new big thing everyone wants. But what makes me think it’s going to stick around is the deeper meaning that each customer holds for the pieces they buy.

As an entrepreneur who’s ready to tap into this market, you get to work on your own terms, welding beautiful, lasting pieces of jewelry that hold meaning for the people wearing them. So, while you earn a living, you also add confidence and beauty to people’s lives and feel great doing it. The money side of things can be amazing, too. With low startup costs and the chance to build relationships with returning customers, you could be looking at a super profitable business.

Keep in mind that as a business owner, you get to call the shots. You decide when you work, what you make, and how you want your business to grow. And on top of that, you get to meet new people and make connections that last just as long as the jewelry you weld.

In this guide, we’ll walk through all the details of getting your permanent jewelry business off the ground—from learning the necessary skills, to figuring out the business side of things, to marketing effectively what you do, and making sure your customers walk away happy.

Whether you’re already knowledgeable and comfortable with jewelry or you’re just intrigued by the idea of permanent jewelry and ready to learn, this is the best place to start. Let’s consider how you can turn your passion into profit and upgrade your day-to-day with your very own permanent jewelry business.

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How to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business

1. Understand the Permanent Jewelry Business

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The last thing you want to do is dive into a new business venture without fully understanding the lifestyle it meshes with. That’s why understating exactly what permanent jewelry artists do on a day-to-day basis is crucial to your future success.

Sign up for this free permanent jewelry training email series to gain access to useful insights and advice from industry leaders. You’ll get a detailed picture of the permanent jewelry artist’s typical day, as well as a behind-the-scenes look into the exciting lives of those who’ve managed to hit the six-figure income mark.

This free series will inform you how much you can expect to make, based on the number of clients you take on and the events you attend. We’ll cover different scenarios so that you can see the difference between working just a couple of events per month or turning this into a full-time gig.

Additionally, you’ll have access to real-life stories from women who have significantly improved their financial situation through permanent jewelry. Sign up for free right here to determine if starting a permanent jewelry business is right for you and start mapping out your business like a seasoned professional.

2. Complete a Permanent Jewelry Training Course

Image Source: LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

Complete LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training to learn how to use the welding equipment, find out what types of jewelry are most popular, order supplies from reputable suppliers, establish your prices, market your services, grow a solid customer base, and so much more.

There are so many people who dive into a new business venture without getting the proper training. I strongly believe that those who are well-trained are the ones who are statistically more likely to succeed.

LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training sets the standard when it comes to learning how to become a permanent jewelry artist. The complete online training program and startup kit includes everything you will need to make your first $4,500 in just a few hours of work.

Ready to become a LINKED certified permanent jewelry artist? Use the discount code TRINITYTPAHP at checkout to get started!

From the necessary welder and tools to the video tutorials, and the marketing strategies and professional photos that will propel you into success, LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training is amazing and complete.

When I purchased the program, I chose the Deluxe Pulse Arc Welder, which is the most competitively priced. The welder is bulkier than the other options, but it does a solid weld on dainty jewelry, which is exactly what you’ll need. You can even trade in your welder later for credit toward an upgrade after you’ve earned money from your business!

Image Source: LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

After you complete the online training, you have the tools and skills to immediately start growing a profitable permanent jewelry business that brings in as much as $350 per hour. The course and the included mentorship group are competitively constructed and priced to pay for themselves almost as soon as you launch your business.

Ready to become a LINKED certified permanent jewelry artist? Use the discount code TRINITYTPAHP at checkout to get started!

You can learn more about it by reading my detailed review of LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training.

Image Source: LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

3. Practice Your Welding and Customer Service Skills

Practice your new skill to gain confidence in this business. Ask your friends and family members to let you try your jewelry-welding abilities on them, and charge a small fee to replace the materials you’ve used.

After just three weeks of consistent – almost daily – practice, and repeated views of the LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training videos, I found myself capable of effortlessly managing the process from beginning to end.

The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be in using a welder on other people. This will help you ensure that the process is a smooth and positive one for your customers. Practice makes perfect, and it will also allow you to speed up the process, allowing you to eventually make more money in less time.

4. Set Up a Payment Processor

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Some small business owners prefer cash transactions to avoid credit card fees, not realizing this deters many customers who don’t carry cash. Set up a payment processor for free with Square to ensure you’re ready to offer your permanent jewelry services to everyone who contacts you or passes by your local pop-up.

Square makes accepting card payments a breeze. It’s a well-known brand that can process payments and send the money directly to your bank account. Signing up is free, and you can start processing payments with a smartphone, or you can order a reader to swipe cards for payment.

5. Market Your Services

The best way to drum up business is to market your skills. Showcase your business on social media and create sponsored posts advertising your next vendor event. Request inclusion in local markets and events, and offer your services at birthday parties, bridal showers, holiday events, and fun get-togethers.

LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training provides its students with done-for-you social media content, graphics, and videos. These features will let you hit the ground running within hours of launching your business instead of spending weeks taking professional photos and drafting compelling social media copy.

Image Source: LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

6. Request Customer Reviews

It’s always good practice to ask for customer reviews. Create a business website or social media pages where your customers can share their experiences. Include well-lit, aesthetic photos of your jewelry and showcase customer images so potential clients can get a better idea of the type of work you provide. The more positive reviews you earn, the more likely you will be of getting new customers.

Engage with the reviews you receive, whether they are positive or negative. Thanking customers for positive reviews shows appreciation and encourages others to leave their feedback. Addressing negative reviews professionally and offering to rectify any issues can turn a potentially bad experience into a positive one, demonstrating to others that you care about each customer.

Image Source: LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

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7. Set Up a Loyalty and/or Referral Program

Implementing loyalty and referral programs can be a game-changer for your new permanent jewelry business. Word-of-mouth referrals are not just beneficial; they are essential, providing a level of comfort and trust that can’t easily be achieved through other marketing strategies. When a friend or family member vouches for your service, it significantly lowers the barrier for new customers to trust you.

On the other hand, loyalty programs encourage customers to return for future purchases. Permanent jewelry isn’t meant to be a one-time purchase. Customers can enjoy creating unique stacks of bracelets, necklaces, and anklets of all kinds.

You can make the programs as simple or as complex as you want. For example, you can order business cards from VistaPrint and have your loyal customers write their names on the back of the ones they give to friends. Then, you’d keep track of their referrals on your end and extend credit at their next appointment.

Square offers amazing solutions for creating and tracking rewards for your customers. If you’re already planning to use it for taking debit and credit card orders, then you can set up the perfect loyalty and referral programs to grow your revenue.

Ready to become a LINKED certified permanent jewelry artist? Use the discount code TRINITYTPAHP at checkout to get started!

Optional: Set Up a Business Website

permanent jewelry website displayed on computer screen

Many permanent jewelry artists create a business website to showcase their services, build a portfolio of jewelry pictures, explain the meaning behind their work, and reach local customers in search of an artist.

Designing a business website is neither an easy nor necessary step, especially when first starting out. But if there’s one thing that I personally appreciate as a consumer, it’s being able to find local businesses who are presenting themselves professionally with a well-designed website.

If you’re ready to reach new customers, share your local popups and events, and give people a way to find you directly through their Google searches, then setting up a website for your permanent jewelry business might be the perfect step to round out your startup journey.

What is a Permanent Jewelry Business?

Permanent jewelry eliminates the need for clasps that are a part of traditional baubles. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, and anklets can all be made permanent.

Invest in the necessary equipment, training, and jewelry pieces that you want to offer, then weld the jewelry onto your customers so that it won’t come off until they want it to.

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Do You Need a License to Have a Permanent Jewelry Business?

This industry isn’t currently regulated, so you do not have to be certified for permanent jewelry. It’s important to get adequate training, and this permanent jewelry training will ensure that you can safely perform the perfect weld and market your business.

You don’t need to have a license to perform permanent jewelry services, but it is still a good idea to open a separate bank account and keep your personal and business incomes and expenses separate.

Other Permanent Jewelry Requirements and Qualifications

You will be performing permanent jewelry services on customers, so you need customer service skills, great attention to detail, and good hygiene. Your business will be conducted in close quarters with other people; work on conversing with them in a friendly manner, in a clean environment.

Fine motor skills are also important, since you will be welding pieces of jewelry around your clients’ body parts. Take care to leave their new accessory as flawless as possible. You will also have to exercise patience while customers take their time exploring the various jewelry options you have available.

Salary or Pay Expectations for a Permanent Jewelry Business

Image Source: LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

You can earn anywhere between $0 and $8,000-plus per day as a permanent jewelry artist. This is a service-based business, so your income will be directly related to the time and effort you put into it.

Some events may end up yielding minimal returns, while others could generate thousands of dollars in just a matter of hours. Once you have identified which strategies yield the best results, you can replicate your efforts and bolster your income.

Your salary will be based on your availability, the area you service, and how much variety you have to offer customers. You can also earn more as you gain experience and garner repeat customers and client referrals.

Questions New Permanent Jewelry Artists Are Asking

How can I offer permanent jewelry from home?

This service isn’t regulated, so you can run your permanent jewelry business in any location you choose. If you want to offer your services from home, just make sure your business page specifies exactly where new clients can find you.

Coordinate with other businesses in your area to host an entire event at your house, and market it to multiple audiences.

Image Source: LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

Can you make a living doing permanent jewelry?

The answer to this question will depend on how much time you can dedicate to your career. If you can only spend one hour per week offering permanent jewelry services, then you likely won’t make a living wage. But if you can put a lot more time into it, your new endeavor could earn you a full-time income.

The rates you charge will depend on how much profit you want to make after investing in the materials. Some permanent jewelry business owners charge more than $55 for a basic bracelet.

Image Source: LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

Why is permanent jewelry so popular?

Permanent jewelry involves far less maintenance than traditional jewelry. The chains don’t tarnish easily, so your customers can leave them on even while showering, swimming, or sweating. Your clients won’t ever lose their new jewelry, because it will always be on their bodies. The streamlined look of jewelry without clasps is appealing to many, and is therefore becoming increasingly popular.

Is a permanent jewelry business worth it?

Some permanent jewelry business owners work at only weekend events, and have determined that this side income is perfect for their needs. Others offer their services on a daily basis and bring in a lot more money. Permanent jewelry work is fun and engaging, and comes with many financial benefits. Only you can ultimately decide its value for your own lifestyle.

Who Should Start a Permanent Jewelry Business?

Image Source: LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

Permanent jewelry is perfect for anyone who is patient, has great social skills, and loves interacting with others. You will come into contact with a variety of customers, so it’s important that you enjoy meeting new people. If you are up to the task, then this business could be exactly what you are looking for to add to your bottom line.

Many of the permanent jewelers who see instant success already work in the beauty industry. For example, a professional microblader can easily cross-promote her services to existing customers.

Do your research, find the right training and starter kit, and practice your new skills. Invest in marketing to increase awareness about your business. Don’t be afraid to try new things and connect with others.

Ready to become a LINKED certified permanent jewelry artist? Use the discount code TRINITYTPAHP at checkout to get started!

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